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Sodium Lignosulfonates are a by-product from sulphide wood pulp production. Lignosulfonates can be used for a variety of applications: The biggest use of lignosulfonates is as plasticizers in concrete production, where they allow concrete to be made with less water while maintaining the concrete's ability to flow. Lignosulfonates are also used during cement production where they act as grinding aids in the cement mill and as a raw mix slurry solvent. Lignosulfonates are also used in the manufacture of drywall to reduce the amount of water required for the plaster to flow and to form the layer between two sheets of paper. The reduction in water content allows lower furnace temperatures to dry the gypsum board, saving energy.

The ability of lignosulfonates to reduce the viscosity of mineral slurries is used to advantage in petroleum drilling mud, where tannic acids from quebracho are replaced.

Lignosulfonates are used to disperse pesticides, dyes, carbon black and other insoluble solids and liquids into water. They are used in leather tanning. They are also used to suppress dust on unpaved roads.